Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Still Waiting?

With reports of Phish Ticket by Mail confirmation/rejection e-mails flooding twitter & PT, those unlucky enough to be at the end of the e-mail line must sit and wait in anticipation.  I am one of those people.  With a $1,000 hold on my credit card, my mind is reeling, trying to analyze all the possibilities and discern if I indeed, may potentially have a Telluride 2-day pass, or 3 Nights at the Greek locked up.  Although my algorithm concludes that Telluride has great potential, I cannot qualm my anxiety without the e-mail! So, to those sitting in limbo like myself, our summer plans hinge on one e-mail and one e-mail only.  To those who have already received confirmation, I hope to walk amongst you shortly. Finally, to those who have rejection worries, public on-sale awaits and to make your ticketbastard journey a little less strenuous, here are some Alpine Valley presale passwords I found on twitter -

RT @PhishTwit#Phish Alpine Presale Thu 11AM CDT :: Passwords: PHISHAVMT, GUITAR, POPSTAR Sat: Sun: (via @cjyohe)

Maybe these heady vids can take out mind off our anticipation:

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