Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Phish + Genesis + RRHOF = One Wigged Out Night

Last night was pretty surreal.  Loved the horns. I do have one qualm though, and it went something like this in my head last night - "What?! Is the Waldorf Astoria too good for Fishman's dress?!?!" Upon further reflection I pondered if in actuality, Fishman's dress was too good for the Waldorf. Regardless, whether or not Phish's performance struck a chord with you, one thing can be sure - Trey's speech was passionate, deeply sincere and extremely well executed.  Definitely from the heart.  I was expecting the summer tour announcement today, but who knows what they have up their sleeve.  Have no fear, I've got a couple leads and am putting together a list of confirmed Leg 1 dates. Should have the final list up soon. For now, to quench that thirst that only Phish will satiate, here are some videos from last night....in case you missed it - Oh yeah, and I'm still looking for a video of Trey's speech. Please feel free to e-mail me some green text if you found it.

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